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Impact Television Private Limited Is a Broadcasting Company out Brand is Mercy TV, Mercy TV is an Infotainment, Islamic & Educational, TV Channel. Mercy TV is a Satellite Television Channel approved by MIB (Ministry of Information and Broadcasting) of India.

Satellite Frequency :  Intelsat 17 at 66.0°E Downlink Freq 3894MHz Symbol Rate 13840 ksps Polarization-HFEC 5/6 Modulation -8psk DVB S2 MPEG4



Mercy TV is trying to create a positive change in the Indian Society by connecting people to their morals. Mercy TV is trying to establish harmony, understanding, and tolerance among people belonging to different faiths. Mercy TV has quality programs for the entire Family – Women, Children, Teens, Elderly. Mercy TV has motivational and knowledgeable programs for it’s viewers which altogether focus keenly on religious education and empowering people towards becoming dominant in fields like sports, science, technology etc.


Mercy TV provides people with the knowledge of Qur’an and Sunnah and aims towards cleansing of evil from the society and establishment of peace and harmony by clearing misconceptions about Islam.

Our Network

Mercy TV is FTA free to air channel, telecasting on Jio TV+ 1099, Den network -800, City digital – 549/633, Asia Net – 190, NXT digital – 074, KCL – 744, VK digital – 134, SDV network – 535, SSC network – 368, U Digital -596, etc.
Mercy TV has reached 200 million people all over India, functioning since 3 years.